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Welcome to tewei machine!Tewei produces equipment and turnkey supply for poles production. Tewei is the only company in the world able to supply a complete light pole production machine starting from the coil cut to length line till the finishing lines with different levels of automation, productivity and technologies, all in house made.Our main products included electric power pole production line,light pole machine,high mast pole machine,hight voltage transmission power pole machine,communication monopole production line.

Our light pole machine main includes cut to length line,trapezoidal shearing machine,tandem press brake,light pole press brake machine,light pole welding machine,light pole straighten machine,light pole bending machine,ETC.

The whole set of light pole making machines can used for making street light pole,wind pole,solar light pole,singnal pole,flag pole,monitor pole,high mast pole,electric power pole,etc.

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Reliable pole plant since 1992. Our goal from the start was, is and always will be to manufacture and deliver the best products for the pole industry.

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Tewei machine is a professional light pole machine and electric pole machine manufacturer and we have the customers from all over the world. Our high quality products and outstanding customer service are well known in pole manufacturering field, we have Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam,Russia, Australia, Kazakhstan, India light pole manufacturers.


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