“Tewei light pole production line” is one of the best solution for light pole making around the world.

The area of workshop:it need about 60000*18000mm two to three rooms,workshop is as long as possible.without stacking area and welding area.we can design the plant according to the users actual sizes ,ensure the operating production line.it need the power with about 100 kilowatt.

Production Flow 1. coil feeding 2. coil processing 3. steel plates diagonally shear to trapezoidal type 4.bending materials transfer 5. plates bending on press brake 6.transfer poles with seam to submerged arc welding production line 7. straighten steel poles 8.welding flanges and door lights 9.bending poles until forming 10. transfer galvanized 11.spraying (according to the request) 12. install the lights 13. delivery and installation