ZDW43J cut to length line machine

cut to length line

Tewei machine is a factory focus in pole making machines.In light pole making progress.The first step is cut to length.Pls see this product description for plate cutting. We are cut to length line manufacturer,any inquiry about this machine you can send to us. we are very pleasure to answer you

What is ZDW43J cut to length line machine ?

ZDW43J cut to length line machine (Steel coil cutting machine) is applicable to coils of various specifications.

it is used for the producing flattened cut to length steel plate through the procedure of uncoiling, flattening and cutting to required width and length.it is the widely used one of the steel coil cutting machine in pole factory.

How does it works?

As you see in picture, ZDW43J cut to length line machine combines of six parts :
1).Feeder And Decoiler
2.)Side Guiding Unit
3).Leveling Machine
4).Cutting Machine
5).Stack Table
6).Electric System.
This machine used to spread the steel coil,leveling and cut to the request size.after manual feed into the leveling machine,as the cutting size,the unit will finish the leveling and cutting action.

What is the advantage of cut to length line?

1.This machine can cut steel coil as your required size with high efficiency and accuracy.
2.One year warranty, free training and installation service.Tewei machine have more than 20 years in pole production line field. And we have success cases in domestic and abroad market.
3.Quality promise.We use famous electric brand as Schneider and Siemens and Haerbing bearing to ensure the quality of cut to length line.

Specifications of ZDW43J cut to length line machine

Coil MaterialsHot Rolled Plate Q235-A (Account As The Strength Of Materials)
Coil Thickness2-6MM
Coil Width800-1800MM
Coil Weight≤30T
Leveling Speed~8m/MIN
Leveling Accuracy2MM/M
Scale Length Tolerance±5MM
Main Motor Power22KW
Unit Area(L×W)About 24M×5.5M
Working DirectionFrom Right To Left