Automatic Street Light Pole Welding Machine

Light Pole Welder

Light pole welding machine is an important part of light pole production line.

There are two kinds of light pole welding machine In china.

One is pole automatic welding machine(seam welding).

Another is semi-automatic seam welder.

Most factories choose automatic pole welding machine for pole making.

But sometimes for large diameter pole welding,they choose semi-automatic seam welder.

In china ,more than 70% of light pole factories have bought “ Tewei ” street light pole welding machine.

Our pole welding machine are suitable for these steel poles:

  • round conical pole
  • polygon pole
  • octagonal pole
  • high mast
  • signal pole
  • camera pole.

Light Pole Welder Composition

Tewei light pole welding machine combines of the following parts:
1, a long working table with cart
2,submerged arc welding system ( including china brand welder and wire feeding system )lincoln welder is plus choice
3,welding flux recycle system
4,hydraulic system and electric panel

Welder control

Start or stop the hydraulic station;
The control pole frame is opened, closed or held (welded);
The steel trolley frequency converter can be adjusted from the control cabinet, and the moving speed;
Trolley car forward/backward control;
Vertical motion control of electric welder guide;
Hydraulic auxiliary cylinder control;
On/off control of auxiliary hydraulic station;

How does pole welding machine works?

Tractive body was moved by collet in small vehicle nipping the steel poles collet.
When the small vehicle moved,drived steel pole,from small collet to big collet , regularity moved.
The big side of the steel pole was hold by feeding vehicle,force automatic sewing from head of machine to steerable wheel. At one time,the welding machine starts welding.


·Easy to operate, one or two experienced worker can operate it well
·High efficiency,1-3 meters/min
·Environmently,flux recycle system .
·Good welding performance with submerged arc welding,less invest
·Suitable for Various of length or types of light poles

HFH320*5-12000 pole shut welding machine specifications

Seam Length12000mm
Maximum Thickness5mm
Host Header Size(l*w*h)1560*640*1900mm
Worktable Size(l*w*h)14000*400*460
Max Seam Diameterφ320mm
Min Seam Diameterφ60mm
Welding Current630a
Walking Device MotorBWD220-43 / 3KW
Pump MotorY2100L2-4 / 3KW
Recovery MotorY112M-2 / 2.2kw
Gear PumpCBN-E306 / 25ml/r
Max Pressure System20mpa
System Working Pressure≤5mpa
Machine Size29000*1560*1900mm

pole welding progress Video

light pole welding machine

Why choose Tewei?

  • Factory directly sale
  • Manufacturer quality warranty
  • Engineer service available oversea
  • Efficient light pole seam welding

Successful cases


Q: Are you a factory or trading company ?

A: We are a factory with export licence.

Q: Where is your factory located ? How can I visit your company ?

A: In Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. There is airport in our city, about half an hour’s drive. And our factory is near Nanjing and Shanghai. Transportation is very convenient.

Q: If I want to start a light pole factory, can I get a whole machine line from you ?

A: Yes, we can make the whole light pole production line.

Q: What is your machine price level ?

A: Price is reasonable with good quality.

Q: What is your machine warranty ?

A: One year.

Q: Is engineer available to provide service abroad ?

A: Yes, we will provide installation and commissioning, also free training.

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