Light Pole Polishing Machine

pole polishing machine
Pole polishing machine

Light pole polishing machine ,which is used to make the surface of the light pole rough and make the powder coating performance better. it is one of the progress equipment in light pole making.

The equipment uses the rotation of the steel rod and the movement of the polishing machine to perform automatic feeding.

The polishing machine is equipped with a sanding belt, which rubs on the surface, and can polish the appearance of the galvanized rod.

Features of light pole polishing machine

With fast speed, easy operation, high efficiency, saving personnel and energy, saving is the first choice for polishing and polishing various rod surfaces.
Two abrasive belts are polished at the same time, and two abrasive belts of different thickness can be installed to complete polishing at one time. The dust is automatically recovered to ensure the sanitation of the operating environment.

The zinc dust generated during the polishing of the galvanized light pole can be effectively recycled and sold, which not only ensures the health of the workers, but also creates value.

Specifications of light pole grinding machine

Diameter Of Grinding Steel TubeØ450mm
Length Of Grinding Steel Tube14000mm
Steel Tube Run Around Speed5-10turn/m
Grinding Steel Tube Run Speed1100mm/m