LIGHT POLE Powder Coating Machine

powder coating machine for light pole


The light pole powder coating machine is a high-speed, reliable painting solution for light poles, electricity, machinery, metal parts.


The powder spraying room is made of high-quality steel plate and steel material. It is a frame splicing structure. The plate and the plate are welded by spot welding.

The surface is smooth and smooth, the appearance is beautiful, and it is not easy to accumulate powder. The powder scattered in the powder room can be cleaned in time to make the powder get Make full use of it while eliminating the hidden dangers of insecurity.

The recycling powder spraying room is designed by side-attaching recycling method, and the bottom of the powder room is inclined plate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the spraying worker and improves the powder utilization rate and the working efficiency of the spraying.


Spraying Length12meters
Max Spraying Steel Tube
Max Spraying Steel Tube Weight500KG
PowerElectric Heating 180KW/H
Fuel 20KW/H
Coal 20KW/H
Gas Type/ 20KW/H
Powde Oven Size13000*2100*3200MM
Moveable Spraying Room Size4800*1300*2400MM