ZQ11 Steel Plates Trapezoidal Shearing Machine

trapezoidal shearing machine

In light pole making progress.Some of pole factory use different methods to cut steel plate into trapezoidal type.Pls see this product description for plate cutting. We are trapezoidal shearing machine manufacturer,any inquiry about this machine you can send to us. we are very pleasure to answer you.

What is trapezoidal plate shearing machine?

This machine is suitable for the plate cutting processing specially the long plate. Especially using in light pole manufacturing.they can cut the steel plate into different shapes.easy of operating and processing of optional length of the plate make the machine efficiency.

How does steel plates trapezoidal shearing machine works?

First pressing the plate which needs to cut to walking-equipment through the hydraulic cylinder and shear it by revolving cutter accompanied the movement of the walking-equipment. it can also cuts taper plate according to the request inclination. therefore, this machine widely used in the processing of light pole. pls watch the video which we record below.

Features of trapezoidal plate shearing machine

1,High efficiency.no need to clean spatter as using plasma cutting machine.
2,tewei machine provide one year warranty,engineer training,installation service and lifetime after sales support
3,maximum shearing thickness 12mm and maximum shearing width 3000mm.

Specifications (ZQ11-6×2400×12000 for example)

1Shearing Length12000mm
2Max Shearing Thickness6mm
3Max Shearing Width2400mm
4Walking Device Speed25m/Min
5Roller Shear Head MotorModelY-100L2-4
6Feeding Device MotorModelY132S-45.5kw
7Oil Pump MotorModelY160M-411kw
8Feeding MotorModelY100L2-43kw
9Oil PumpModel25MCY14-1B25ml/r
10Gear PumpModelCB-25B25ml/r
11Max Pressure Of System20Mpa
 12 Machine Sizel29000mm