2*300/6000 Light Pole Production Line Is Loading And Will Ship To Algeria Customer Factory

Date 2020/12/09 ,Wednesday. Tewei workers are working hardly in packing all light pole machines parts and loading them into container. This light pole production line is 2*300/6000 model. Total Algeria light pole machines included five machines: 1,one set of cut to length line ZDW43J-6*1800 2,one set of ZQ11 trapezoidal plate shearing machine 3,one set of […]

Light Pole Production Line In Thailand

Last year in 2019,tewei machine engineer finished thailand light pole production line installation. Client set up a new light pole factory for street lighting poles manufacturing. Thailand is beautiful country. 1.Tandem hydraulic press brake .Street light pole bending process which can bend street light pole with 500mm diameter and 14meter length. 2.Light pole steel plate […]

Octagonal Pole Production Line Plant In Ahmedabad India

The octagonal light pole production lines are very common in the pole making industry, with an daily output ranging from 200-300pcs. Octagonal pole is often used as important part in construction in india ahmedabad. As an example to introduce the equipment selection, process flow, production line layout,and other details line for reference. Tewei machine finished […]