2021 China Yangzhou Outdoor Lighting Exhibition

The 10th China Yangzhou Outdoor Lighting Exhibition was grandly held in the National Exhibition Center. With the beginning of the 5G era, the gradual popularization of smart lighting, the gradual integration of traditional industries and emerging technologies, industrial transformation and upgrading is imminent. As a professional street lamp pole machine, high mast pole, and power […]

Happy new year to all friends!

To celebrate the traditional Chinese Spring festival,our company is scheduled to have 10 days off from February 8th, 2021 to February 17th, 2021.We will return to work on February 18th, 2021. We hope the Chinese new year of 2021 ahead brings Happiness, joy, and prosperity. Thank you! Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our […]

One Set Of Light Pole Manufacturing Machine Loading Into Containers

Today is Jan 14th,it is nearly china spring festival. Tewei workers are working hard packing and loading.Our customer in india ordered one set of trapezoidal steel plate shearing machine. This is the first time we cooperate. For light pole manufacturing,we tewei have more than 20 years experience. We have successfully installed tandem press brake,light pole […]

One Set Light Pole Welding Machine Shipped To Domestic Light Pole Factory

jiangsu tewei machine is professional manufacturer of light pole welding machines. Last week domestic clients released an order of HFH320 light pole welding machine. These are loading photos i taken when i am in workshop. This year many manufacturers are affected by COVID-19. Before end of this year,some manufacturers decide to manage production to meet […]

What is a press brake?

A press brake is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die. The types of press brake there are different kinds of press brake described by the means of applying force: hydraulic press brake mechanical […]

What is the advantage of LED lamp?

LED street lamps is a important part of street light poles.Why so many road and public areas choose LED lamp? It have advantages below. First of all:environmental protectionSecond:no pollutionThird:low power consumptionFourth:high luminous efficiency and long life. Therefore, LED street lamps will become the best choice for energy-saving renovation.see wiki introduction of LED lamp. The energy […]

Installation And Manufacturing Tips For Monitor Pole

Requirements for manufacturing monitor poles: The steel pipe material complies with the current national standards. The welding size meets the design requirements, and the welding wave on the surface of the weld metal is uniform, and must not affect the strength of cracks, slag inclusions, weld bumps, burn-through, unfusion, arc craters and needle-like pores, and […]

What is the difference between hot-dip galvanizing and cold galvanizing of street light poles?

There are two galvanizing treatments for street light poles, one is called hot-dip galvanizing and the other is called cold galvanizing. So what is the difference between the two? First of all, we need to know that these two methods are anti-corrosion treatment, so what is cold galvanizing? Cold galvanizing paint is a one-component new […]

How To Choose The Right Lighting Level For Street Light Pole ?

The lighting level of street light pole depends on the type of road: Generally:Expressways and arterial roads: there are 2-4 lanes in one direction, or 4-8 lanes in both directions. The main function of the road is to serve motor vehicle traffic. The speed is faster. Secondary roads and residential roads:generally two-lane: motor vehicles, non-motor […]

Types Of Street Light Pole , What Are The Street Light Pole Materials?

There are many types of street light pole,tewei will describe the street light poles materials for you. 1.Cement street light pole. Cement street lamp poles are attached to urban power poles or cement poles are erected separately. Now customer usually don not choose this type. 2.Steel street light pole Steel street light pole, also known […]