What is the difference between hot-dip galvanizing and cold galvanizing of street light poles?

There are two galvanizing treatments for street light poles, one is called hot-dip galvanizing and the other is called cold galvanizing. So what is the difference between the two? First of all, we need to know that these two methods are anti-corrosion treatment, so what is cold galvanizing? Cold galvanizing paint is a one-component new […]

How To Choose The Right Lighting Level For Street Light Pole ?

The lighting level of street light pole depends on the type of road: Generally:Expressways and arterial roads: there are 2-4 lanes in one direction, or 4-8 lanes in both directions. The main function of the road is to serve motor vehicle traffic. The speed is faster. Secondary roads and residential roads:generally two-lane: motor vehicles, non-motor […]

Types Of Street Light Pole , What Are The Street Light Pole Materials?

There are many types of street light pole,tewei will describe the street light poles materials for you. 1.Cement street light pole. Cement street lamp poles are attached to urban power poles or cement poles are erected separately. Now customer usually don not choose this type. 2.Steel street light pole Steel street light pole, also known […]

China Light Pole Factory Workshop Layout Drawing

Last time we share light pole manufacturing progress. We list the light pole production line machines. Maybe you are newer in this field,may have a question about how to layout the machines in the light pole factory workshop? After simplifying the production steps,china style are:bending ,welding,straightening,galvanizing,grinding and spraying. According to our latest technical file :Light […]

How to make a light pole?Steel pole manufacturing process

Below is the brief steps of pole manufacturing,it is one of the most economical and efficiency solution in steel pole fabrication. Coil Processing Steel Plates Diagonally Shear To Trapezoidal Type Bending Materials Transfer Plates Bending On Press Brake Transfer Poles With Seam To Submerged Arc Welding Production Line Straighten Steel Poles Welding Flanges And Door […]

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