LED street lamps is a important part of street light poles.Why so many road and public areas choose LED lamp? It have advantages below.

First of all:environmental protection
Second:no pollution
Third:low power consumption
Fourth:high luminous efficiency and long life.

Therefore, LED street lamps will become the best choice for energy-saving renovation.see wiki introduction of LED lamp.

light pole

The energy crisis and the increasingly harsh global ecological environment make it necessary to save and rationally use effective resources. Electric energy is something that is closely related to our lives. The times are developing and there are more and more roads. The amount of electricity spent on road lighting will account for about 30% of the global electricity consumption.

Therefore, the key strength of LED lamp is reduced power consumption. , it is necessary to promote the use of green light sources. At present, there are more and more LED light sources for domestic road lighting. The original road lighting has also replaced the light sources with LEDs.

Most of the roads and projects use LED light sources. Energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, long-life beyond-lighting LED streetlights have gradually entered the field of vision.

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