Requirements for manufacturing monitor poles:

  1. The steel pipe material complies with the current national standards. The welding size meets the design requirements, and the welding wave on the surface of the weld metal is uniform, and must not affect the strength of cracks, slag inclusions, weld bumps, burn-through, unfusion, arc craters and needle-like pores, and no wrinkles and interruptions.
  2. The anti-corrosion treatment adopts hot-dip galvanizing. Before the anti-corrosion treatment, the steel components should be effectively derusted. The thickness of the hot-dip galvanizing should not be less than 85um, and the zinc layer should be uniform. When copper sulfate solution is used for corrosion test, more than 4 times No iron is exposed, and the zinc layer should be firmly combined with the metal body. After the hammer test, the zinc layer should not peel off or bulge. Passivation treatment should be carried out after zinc immersion, and the 48h salt spray test is qualified. For every 100 m rod, the linearity error of its axis measurement does not exceed 0.5‰, and the linear error of the full length of the rod does not exceed 1‰.
monitor pole

Technical requirements for the construction of embedded parts of monitor poles:

  1. The reinforcement cage of the foundation should be temporarily fixed, while ensuring the level of the top of the foundation of the steel bar, that is, use a level ruler to measure in two directions perpendicular to the top of the foundation, and observe that the bubbles must be centered; the foundation concrete of the monitoring pole embedded part must be poured Dense, no hollow concrete is allowed;
  2. During construction, the pre-embedded pipe mouth should be sealed with plastic paper or other materials in advance to prevent the concrete from leaking into the pre-embedded pipe when the concrete is poured, causing the pre-embedded pipe to be blocked; after the foundation is poured, the foundation surface must be higher than The ground level is 5MM~10MM; the concrete must be cured for a period of time to ensure that the concrete can reach a certain installation strength.
  3. Each metal pole must be earthing, and its grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms; the specific data of the foundation of each pole depends on the site construction needs.

Installation requirements and suggestions for monitoring poles:

  1. Installation method: Connect and fix the foundation screw with the camera rod foundation. After installation, the foundation screw can be covered with cement to prevent damage to the screw.
  2. Installation requirements: A. Firmly install B. The center line of the camera pole should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane C. The center line of the two waist-shaped holes on the camera pole at an angle of 180° should be parallel to the direction of the road.
  3. The cables in the pole and the control box can be put and installed before the pole. The cables should be laid to prevent damage to the cables and the control box should be waterproof.