After several days communication with jiangsu customer,they finally sign contract with domestic department.HFH320*5-12000 light pole welding machine is popular product in tewei company;it have advanced welder for light pole welding along with welding flux recycle system.

Tewei is one of the largest manufacturer in china for light pole and electric power pole machine.

As we know Light pole welding machine is an important part of light pole production line.

There are two kinds of light pole welding machine In china.

One is pole automatic welding machine(seam welding).

Another is semi-automatic seam welder.

Most factories choose automatic pole welding machine for pole making.

But sometimes for large diameter pole welding,they choose semi-automatic seam welder.

In china ,more than 70% of light pole factories have bought “ Tewei ” street light pole welding machine.

Our pole welding machine are suitable for these steel poles:

pole welding machine shipment
light pole welding machine shipment2

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