Steel pole manufacturing process

Below is the brief steps of pole manufacturing,it is one of the most economical and efficiency solution in steel pole fabrication.

  1. Coil Processing
  2. Steel Plates Diagonally Shear To Trapezoidal Type
  3. Bending Materials Transfer
  4. Plates Bending On Press Brake
  5. Transfer Poles With Seam To Submerged Arc Welding Production Line
  6. Straighten Steel Poles
  7. Welding Flanges And Door Lights
  8. Bending Poles Until Forming
  9. Transfer Galvanized
  10. Spraying (According To The Request)
  11. Install The Lights
  12. Delivery And Installation

In order to control Light pole production cost, we shall start from hot roll steel coil material. Most pole factory are using mild steel plate for lighting pole production.

Tewei company have more than 20 years experience in pole manufacturing machines field,and have provide pole manufacturing solution around the world.

This pole production line contains: Cut to length line, trapezoidal plate shearing machine, tandem press brake, light pole welding machine, Pole straighten machine, door cutting machine, door forming machine, pole bending machine, pole polishing machine, spraying production line etc.

The light pole production line is mainly for producing various kinds of street light pole, solar light pole, high mast pole, flagpole, road sign pole, signal pole, monitor pole etc.